24 hours Movers Transport Delivery

(Charges is not fixed for all jobs and it is subject to individual customer's request):

* $$50.00++ onwards

* Same charges applies for additional trip (Point B-C).

* Booking on hourly basis can also be discussed.

Please read the below for information;

Please  provide your own manpower to move/load/unload the items. 

If you can't reach me. I am either on job or driving, please sms me and i will get back to you as soon as possible.


* Items must be at loading bay upon my arrival to save time *

* Extra manpower comes with extra cost. It can be provided upon request & subject to avalability *

* Dismantling of bed frames, cabinet or any other items should be done prior to my arrival *

* Shrink wrapping of items to be done prior to my arrival *

* Please be specific on the items to be transported, as i need to gauge the time to load/unload. This is so i can plan for my next appointment *


SMS (preferred as most of the time i am driving) or Call: